Stand-Up Paddleboards



Paddleboarding is the fastest growing recreational water sport in the country. Combining many of the benefits of strength training –specifically balance and resistance– with a fun, relaxing sport that is perfect for people of all ages & abilities.

Paddleboarding can be as rigorous as a complete core and cardiovascular workout, or as relaxing as a meditative bike ride along the beach. If you are an avid, health conscious individual maintaining an active lifestyle, or if you just wish to relax and enjoy all of the tranquility and serenity Newport Beach has to offer, Paddleboarding may just be the ideal adventure for you.


Add the enjoyment of some of the most spectacular marine life and incredible harbor vistas to your morning workout. No other form of exercise can be so relaxing. Newport Fun Tours is conveniently located right on the water where we have a private patio and our own dock which is the perfect location to launch our boards and all of our other watercraft equipment directly and safely into the calm and peaceful Harbor.


Boards start at $20 per hour.