Loyalty Rewards Card Program Details


Loyalty Rewards Card Program Details

*All customers of Newport Fun Tours are welcome to participate in our Loyalty Rewards Program.  (Only one loyalty card will be given per person partipating in the program) 

*Newport Fun Tours Loyalty Rewards Cards Prgram is free to join. (Please see Loyalty cards program restrictions for more information

*Each participant in the loyalty program will receive one point (one point equals one sticker) per rental visit when paying with either a cash or credit card payment. All promotional vouchers used for their rental during any visit are not valid to receive a point (1 sticker) 

*Once a customer has filled up their Loyalty card with all eight points (8 stickers), they will earn 1 free hour towards the rental of either a Duffy boat, kayak, or paddleboard. If you have a Groupon on your 9th rental visit and have your rewards card present with all 8 points filled (8 stickers), they may use their free 1 hour rental towards the rental of an additional hour of any eligible rental equipment. 

*Newport Loyalty Rewards cards are only valid at Newport Fun Tours. 

Loyalty Rewards Card Program Restrictions

Loyalty Rewards Card Program Restrictions

Restrictions for the Loyalty Rewards program:

-All Promotional Vouchers (Groupon, Living Social, Travel Zoo, Amazon, etc.) used at the time of check-in are NOT eligible to receive a point (Sticker) for their Newport Fun Tours Loyalty Rewards card. All rentals are to be purchased directly through Newport Fun Tours and NOT through a Third-Party Vendor. 

-Loyalty Reward Cards are not valid for Group rental visits.

-Loyalty Reward Cards must be presented at time of check-in to receive a point. (sticker)

-Only one Loyalty Reward card will be issued per customer.

-One free hour of an Electric Boat, Kayak, or Paddleboard may be redeemed once all 8 points (stickers) have been filled on each reward card and presented at time of the following check-in. (9th check-in)

-Reservations are required for Electric Boat rentals.

-Newport Fun Tours does not take reservations for Kayaks and Paddleboards. Rentals are on first-come, first-serve basis.

-All rentals are subject to availability and weather. 

-Loyalty Reward Cards and points earned do not expire. 

-Newport Fun Tours Loyalty Rewards Program Cards are only valid at   Newport Fun Tours.